I am Adrian Musto, Director of Photography.

What I Do.

Are you looking for someone who really understands how to create beautiful images?

With experience shooting a wide range of formats from Digital 4K, HD, right down to Video DSLR's, I have the eye and knowledge needed for your production.

Let me help you create the images that represent your company, organisation or story. Today more then ever, the visual medium of film and video is shaping the perceptions of our society.


Who Am I.

I am an extremely creative Cinematographer, with 15 years of experience working in various roles in broadcast production. My background is primarily in photography - I have a thorough understanding of all of its major elements. In the last 5 years, I have been applying these photographic skills into film and developing myself as a cinematographer. I have been working with cine and video cameras, as well as taking photographs with SLR & DSLR cameras for most of my life. I have developed an acute vision in this field and nurtured a great ability to visualise subjects in a way that keeps the viewer interested.

I have filmed and produced the most viewed Chernobyl disaster documentary on YouTube.


Showreel and CV.

My current showreel, updated throughout the year. You can find a copy of my most current CV and kit list here.

TitleDirectorProduction CompanyTypeYear
Stormbird - The Me 262Steve BakerBigger BangTV2015
Thick AirIvy JelisavacThe FrictionShort Film2015
Fish HappensTim GomersallMonster PicturesShort Film2014
Secrets of the BibleTim GauntWorld Media Rights LTDTV2014
SAE OnlineIvy JelisavacSAE InstituteCorporate2014
My Million Dollar IdeaSteve BakerNutopiaTV2014
Myth Hunters 3 - Yamashita's GoldStephanie SeabrookWorld Media Rights LTDTV2014
GlaxoSmithKlineIvy JelisavacThe FrictionCorporate2014
Ancient Black Ops - Ghost WarriorsNick DavidsonWorld Media Rights LTDTV2014
Ancient Black Ops - The SicariiNick DavidsonWorld Media Rights LTDTV2014
Novartis - Time To Do MoreRobin Whitten'nition DesignCorporate2014
Black Ops 2 - Operation FiremagicSteve BakerWorld Media Rights LTDTV2014
Black Ops 2 - Operation Viking HammerMartin HughesWorld Media Rights LTDTV2014
Black Ops 2 - Crisis in MalayaMatthew HinchliffeWorld Media Rights LTDTV2014
Black Ops 2 - The Strike of SyriaNed ParkerWorld Media Rights LTDTV2014
Black Ops 2 - The Japanese Embassy SiegeMartin HughesWorld Media Rights LTDTV2013
Black Ops 2 - The Killing of Abu JihadNed ParkerWorld Media Rights LTDTV2013
Black Ops 2 - The Real Black Hawk DownSteve BakerWorld Media Rights LTDTV2013
Behind Area 51Self PDArkitektureWeb2012
Inside ChernobylSelf PDArkitektureWeb2012

Say Hello.

If you like what you see and would like to work with me, get in touch.